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Performance Food Group
Employee Benefits Statement Case Study

Business Overview
Performance Food Group markets and distributes more than 64,000 national and private label food and food-related products to approximately 48,000 restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, schools, healthcare facilities and other institutions. For more information about Performance Food Group, visit

In 1986, the foodservice industry began a period of rapid consolidation. Bob Sledd, then President of Taylor & Sledd, Inc., a Richmond-based food brokerage and distribution company started in 1875, and Michael Gray, President of one of its fastest growing divisions, Pocahontas Foods USA, saw an opportunity to grow the company into a major force in the industry. What is now known as Performance Food Group consists of 42 companies in three divisions - Broadline Distribution, Fresh-Cut Produce and Customized Distribution.

Bringing together strong organizations, allowing them to sustain their cultures and providing them with capital and systems to continue their growth has served PFG well. It has grown into one of the nation's leading distributors of food and non-food items to foodservice operators and grocery chains. Currently 476 on the Fortune 500, PFG was also named for the second consecutive year to Fortune Magazine's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in 2003.

Program Objectives
Also in 2003, PFG began a new initiative to provide additional value to its employees through its corporate communications. The goal to give employees a clearer picture of the value of their benefits and of working for Performance Food Group. Working with Digital Innovations Group, Cheryl Moore, Director of Corporate Communications, and Jill Stevens, National Manager of Associate Benefits, developed a personalized Benefits Statement. Each statement, written in either Spanish or English depending on the associate's language preference, included a versioned letter from the appropriate division CEO, and their specific benefit selections for 2003 by category. Also included were new additions to the Benefits Program coming in 2004 that varied by associate depending on their specific operating company.

Description of Services provided by DIG
The PFG Employee Benefits Statement built in Quark by DIG utilized mainframe data extracted from the Lawson Human Resources Suite and prepared in Microsoft Access to drive the variable fields. Hewlett-Packard's Yours Truly Software was used to engineer the document for printing on an HP-Indigo 3000 Digital Press. Each statement was then folded and inserted into window envelopes and mailed either directly to the employee or to the operating company for distribution.

An email survey of PFG employees was conducted by DIG following the distribution of the personalized Benefits Statements.

  • 97% of those who received a personalized version responded "true" to the statement "It was helpful to know of upcoming additions to the Performance Food Group Benefits offering in advance of the open enrollment period."
  • 29% of those surveyed who received a static version of the statement answered "true" to the above statement.
  • 91.4% of those who received a personalized version responded "true" to the statement "I found it much easier to understand my benefits choices for 2003 with the new personalized version and format of my benefits statement."
  • 88.5% of those who received a personalized version responded "true" to the statement "I will use my PFG Personalized Benefits Statement as a guide while completing my benefits choices for 2004."
  • 76.4 % of those surveyed who received a static version of the Benefits Statement answered "true" to the above statement.


Respondents were asked to provide comments regarding the personalized statement that included:

  • "Great Change!"
  • "I feel that this was a major improvement."
  • "I found it to be easy to understand and an excellent way to see all my benefits in one place."
  • "Make it a tool that I can specify my changes and turn in."
  • "State the max limits of insurance coverage along with the employee's selection."
  • "The statement was very helpful. Please continue to send these out. A couple times a year would be appropriate. Thank you."
  • "The Value of the personalized Statement is a great guide in assisting each employee on their choices for the upcoming year. One thing that would be helpful is allowing the employee more time to discuss the options with family before having to finalize choices."
  • "I did not see a total to include my salary and benefits and I thought that would be helpful."


    Based on feedback from the survey, PFG plans to offer a total compensation statement in the fall which will combine 2004 benefits choices with a value added statement showing each employee a personalized look at their total compensation......can you DIG it?

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